SmartLipo’s minimally intrusive technique (which doesn’t even require sutures) melts and eradicates the fatty tissues while promoting coagulation and leaving the skin tightened and smooth. Moreover, the hazards of this method are significantly fewer while bleeding and bruising are extremely limited. In addition, skin laxity and substantial amounts of excess skin left on the patients who choose to undergo a conventional liposuction method are practically vanished, there are no evident post-operational scars and the recovery period is shorter.
Another key advantage of Smartlipo is the incorporation of intelligent delivery systems, SmartSense and ThermaGuide. SmartSense is an accelerometer that monitors the motion of the handpiece so an even amount of energy is distributed throughout treatment. The ThermaGuide is a temperature monitoring tool that stops treatment in an area if it reaches a certain temperature. This is to prevent burns. These additional delivery systems are proprietary to Cynosure; so Smartlipo is the only laser lipolysis device with these safety mechanisms.

Areas to be treated

The SmartLipo method can be carried out on several parts of the body with excess fat; abdomens, hips, thighs, buttocks, knees, back, upper arms, breast and even the neck and the face can receive either a gentle or a more radical contouring with the help of this device.

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