Stretch Mark Treatment

When stretch marks appear after weight fluctuations, puberty or pregnancy, they can have a dramatic effect on your body. When this occurs, we offer powerful stretch mark treatments that can restore a smooth and attractive appearance.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are known to affect both men and women, and can appear anywhere on the body – typically developing on the thighs, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, hips, and arms. The most common causes for stretch marks include:


Genetics play a key role in whether or not you’ll have stretch marks. For example, if your mother developed stretch marks during pregnancy, you have a higher risk of developing them as well.


When teens experience their growth spurts, stretch marks often occur as the skin struggles to keep up with the rest of the body’s growth.

Weight fluctuations

Gaining and/or losing a substantial amount of weight causes your skin to stretch, which will often result in unsightly stretch marks.


When men and women rapidly develop muscles as commonly occurs during bodybuilding, the skin may expand too quickly, resulting in the development of stretch marks.


In general, men and women who have lighter skin are more likely to develop stretch marks than individuals with a darker complexion.


It’s extremely common for women to develop stretch marks on their legs, hips, abdomen and other areas after pregnancy, due to the substantial weight gain that occurs.